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Picture of Clare Walker
Hello and welcome to BoundingSquirrel.Com

I'm Clare Walker, creator of art on this site. It's now evolved into the place where I not only showcase my latest digital paintings and artwork, but also, in some cases their later life as card designs

If you'd like a custom image drawn especially for a special occasion or use, I can also create one for you. Prices start at £50 (50 GBP).

Please email me at clare[at symbol] boundingsquirrel.com for more info.

What about the name?

And as for the name (people do tend to ask) BoundingSquirrel is so named because (for me) a bounding squirrel represents everything that's joyful, thriving, and free.  It's my hope that everything here will help you to feel more like that in your life too.

Many thanks for dropping by, and have a great day.


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