Funny Cartoon Peacock Card-And an Admission...

UPDATE 23/11/2017: OK, so things have changed again. Thank you to everybody who bought so many cartoon cards after I posted about maybe needing to widen the scope of everything here (see the struck out text below if you really want to know what I was thinking...What *was* I thinking?).

And as someone pointed out who got in touch (thank you-really lovely to know the cartoons mattered), most of my drawings are fairly cartoon style anyway, so why stop saying this is a cartoon blog?

They had a really good point, so the only change here is that I'll probably be posting more cartoons in their final greeting card form, like this peacock, rather than at the "it's still just a drawing," stage.

Other then that, thanks again, and  let's keep going as it is/ was, shall we?

Original text here: Hope this post, and its peacock find all well with you.

Thought it was probably time to give you an update on how the site changes are going.

Basically, though I love to cartoon occasionally, I've recently found myself returning to, and really enjoying the kind of digital painting and design (eg, like this peacock done in ArtRage) that I used to do before cartooning.

What's more, it seems that more people are still buying that style of art from me (many thanks for that!) and expecting to see it here, than they are the cartoons.

So I'll be  add those kinds of art and design back into the mix once the new site is complete.

Don't worry, there still will be some cartoons (and if you're missing them, there's plenty here).

And I'll post again when the changeover to the new and better site is complete.

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